Local Info

Local Info

Surf Report

Daily local surf forecast for the Big Island’s Kona coast. Check it out >

Food Spotlights

Get some ono grinds (really tasty food) in and around Kona.

Activity Spotlights

Big Island Activities Kona Boys prides ourselves on helping people have a great time on the Big Island. If you’re looking for something to do, in or out of the water, give us a call and we’ll steer you to … Check it out >

People Spotlights

Kona, the Big Island, and surfing are full of great athletes, skilled craftsmen, big dreamers, and characters. Occasionally Kona Boys has the pleasure of getting to know a few of these people a little better. Here’s a look at a … Check it out >


It’s our local customers who have made Kona Boys what it is today. In appreciation we will continue to offer special pricing for Hawai’i residents. Regardless if your interested in kayaking, surfing, snorkeling, or just some KB gear, show us … Check it out >

Places to Stay

We’ve seen a lot of people come and go on their visits to Kona over the years. And, we’ve talked story about where they stayed the night before. So, we do have some recommendations on places to stay while you’re … Check it out >

Place Spotlights

Looking for some excellent places on the Big Island? Here we take a look at our favorite snorkeling, surfing, paddling, and relaxing spots. These are the places you’ll find us on our days off. We try to touch on the … Check it out >

Puako Petroglyphs

Hawaiian Petroglyphs

The largest concentration of petroglyphs in the Pacific (over 3,000 carvings) is on the Big Island near the small town of Puako. Petroglyphs, or kii pohaku, are lava rock carvings etched into stone by Native... More >