People Spotlights

People Spotlights

Kona, the Big Island, and surfing are full of great athletes, skilled craftsmen, big dreamers, and characters.

Occasionally Kona Boys has the pleasure of getting to know a few of these people a little better. Here’s a look at a few of our favorite folks.

  • Abraham And Donica Shouse

    Abe and Donica Shouse

    Together Donica and Abraham Shouse have created Big Island's own 'FantaSea Factory' where dreams become reality. Starting their own business together in 2009, Paddle Hawaii is a company full of innovations and focused on ecological production every step of the way. More >
  • Alison for Odina Surf Wear

    Alison Teal, Adventurer

    Kona Boys was stoked to get an interview with bikini-clad world adventurer, surfer, and Odina swimwear girl Alison Teal. We love supporting locals and their work. Alison has been particularly fun to journey with through... More >
  • Gary Young Plaining Rails

    Gary Young

    For over 30 years Gary has worked independently in Natural Fiber Composites Product Development using mostly wood/epoxy and bamboo/epoxy laminates Young is most known for unique products like formed wood-veneer skinned surfboards and sailboards - receiving awards for his work. He has also built race-winning canoes, paddles, and foam-core Alaia boards. More >
  • Bryce Groark

    Bryce Groark

    Bryce is a friend of the shop, an outstanding underwater wildlife photographer, and director at Living Ocean Productions on the Big Island. His award-winning work has been featured in magazines, newspapers, numerous domestic and international television networks as well as a myriad of International Film Festivals, Aquariums and Museums around the world. More >
  • jenny-kalmback-crown

    Jennifer Kalmbach

    Jenny is a Kona local and accomplished stand up paddler who knows how to dream big and make it happen. As of this writing, Jenny has competed in over 40 stand up paddling events, placing... More >
  • loa-ng

    Loa Ng

    We are proud to sponsor our super grom Loa Ng. Loa took 2nd place in his age group at the HSA State Surfing Championships for 2011. Loa is qualified for nationals in both HSA which is part of Surfing America and he qualified for NSSA Nationals to be held at Huntington Beach. More >

Captain Cook Discovers Hawaii

Captain James Cook and his ships, the Resolution and Discovery, entered the sheltered waters of Kealakekua Bay (Path of the Gods) on the morning of Jan 17, 1779. Unbeknownst to him, Cook had entered the... More >