Watching the Surf



To help with your surf needs, Kona Boys offer lessons, rentals, as well as surfboard and accessory sales, and are happy to provide local knowledge to help you find a spot suited to your ability… Drop into Kona Boys before you paddle out.

Surfing has its roots on the Big Island. There is a Hawaiian Heiau (temple), Ku’emanu, at Kahalu’u Bay Beach Park in Kailua Kona which was dedicated to surfing, and the first documentation of surfing came when Captain James Cook visited the Kona coast.  Surfing was much more than a sport or a pastime to the Hawaiians, it was integrated into their society through ritual and law and practiced by royalty. No matter your experience as a surfer, there is something extra special about sitting in the surf on the Big Island and tapping into the history and culture that created the sport.

Whether you are a first timer looking for a lesson, a beginner who needs a rental and some tips on where they can surf without getting hassled, or an experienced surfer who needs current information on swell size and direction in order to make educated decisions on where to surf, drop in to Kona Boys for all of your surf needs.

Be sure to surf with aloha by following surfing etiquette and the surfer’s code of ethics.

Surfboard Rentals

Drop in before you paddle out. Kona Boys keeps a solid stock of rental boards, both epoxy and traditional, ranging from fish and shortboards to miniguns and noseriders, as well as all the gear you’ll need before you paddle out; … Check it out >

Surfing Lessons

Hawaii is home to surfing and the perfect place to paddle out for your first time. Kona Boys offers group and private lessons as well as custom packages for multiple day lessons or surf adventures. Kona Boys is proud to … Check it out >

Surfboard Sales

Kona Boys sells new, used, and consignment surfboards of all shapes and sizes—fish, fun, thruster, gun, longboard, soft-top, wahine, as well as stand up paddleboards. We have one of the largest selections on the island and stock boards that appeal … Check it out >

Surfing Spots

The Big Island is just that, big and diverse. There are all kinds of surf breaks, some right along major roads with easy and obvious access and mellow approachable waves, and others that are down nearly impossible 4×4 roads with … Check it out >

Kealakekua Bay From Maninis

Kealakekua Bay

Kealakekua Bay is a sacred and beautiful place. We are privileged to enjoy it and share it with others. Frankly, it's one of the main reasons we choose to live in the South Kona, Captain... More >