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Surfboard Rentals

Surfboard Rentals

Drop in before you paddle out.

Kona Boys keeps a solid stock of rental boards, both epoxy and traditional, ranging from fish and shortboards to miniguns and noseriders, as well as all the gear you’ll need before you paddle out; leashes, boardshorts, boardbags, kickpads, and wax.

Rental Pricing:

  • 24hrs.                  $29
  • Three days          $74
  • Weekly                $149

Surfboard rentals include leash, fin, wax, and racks to transport the surfboards on top of your car.

When you visit us at the shop we’ll help you with some local tips on where to surf and where not to, and try to help ensure that you have a great experience in the water.

If know what size board you would like to ride, please give us a call in advance and we’ll put something aside for you.

Be sure to surf with aloha by following surfing etiquette and the surfer’s code of ethics.


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